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Brief thought on American Hustle



In Alex Gibney’s recent documentary The Armsrtong Lie (2013) Lance Armstrong briefly discusses his monumental fall from grace after being uncovered as a career long pathological liar and user of copious amounts of performance enhancing drugs. Armstrong contorts the fact that he has lied for years into proof that he is the sole cradler of ‘truth’ His argument seems to be that he is the honest figure because the only version of events that anyone else knows is the fiction he has spread. This struck me as absurd, deluded and weirdly true and made me think of those larger than life tragi-comic creations strutting their way through American Hustle(2013 ORussell). American Hustle seems to me to be essentially concerned with our need to find some thread of honesty or truth within ourselves otherwise we are lost. The characters are all consummate liars, each succeeding well in the world by inhabiting entirely fictional selves but still in the midst of it all they must ultimately make a grab for something true or they’e sunk.

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